Shamanic Journeying - A beginners guide - Sandra Ingerman


The Shamanic Journey is a practice common to all indigenous societies throughout history. By listening to a drumbeat or other rhythmic percussion, the shaman enters "non-ordinary" reality - an altered state of consciousness beyond time and space - to access spiritual guidance and healing, assist others and the planet, and reconnect with the cycles of nature. Shamanic Journeying offers you an interactive learning experience to discover how to journey just as traditional shamans have for centuries.

With the instruction in this book and the accompanying audio resources, internationally respected teacher Sandra Ingerman illuminates:

-The original role of the shaman in indigenous cultures

-How to meet and work with your "power animals" and other spirit teachers

-How to navigate the Lower World, Upper World, and Middle World - the three divisions of unseen reality

-The keys to successful journeying in our modern culture

Sharing fascinating accounts of the powerful results of shamanic journeying and answers to the questions common to most beginners, Shamanic Journeying is an accessible guide for exploring the visionary world of the shaman.

Audio resources include drumming for three journeys.