Sacred Soul - Kerrie Erwin


Stories of pushy poltergeists, reincarnated love and overly amorous spirits: Sydney Medium Kerrie Erwin shares extraordinary experiences between ordinary people and the spirit realm. 

Meet the transformed walk in Big Al; have a tea with sassy Aunty Stella and her three beloved deceased husbands, or join Susan in her haunted beachside home. 

These and many more stories of paranormal and spiritual encounters await in this collection of true life tales, as experienced by professional psychic medium Kerrie Erwin.

Part memoir, part guidebook into the psychic realm, Sacred Soul is jam packed with amazing true life stories collected over 30 years of practice, as well as useful tips for connecting with and understanding the spirit world.

If you have ever wondered how to deal with an overly amorous ghost, clear a negative spirit from your home or felt you had a beyond life connection with a loved one this book is for you.