Rishi Yoga - Pierre Bonnasse


In this detailed guide, yoga and meditation teacher Pierre Bonnasse reveals the simple movement, breathing, awareness techniques oh the Rishi Yoga tradition, passed down through generations of yogi's in the Himalayas. He shows how to integrate Rishi Yoga into daily life for discovering and recognising the Universal Self or Pure Awareness, and unveiling the peace and joy inherent in all of us.

The author begins by detailing the foundational practices of Rishi Yoga: easy physical movements, done slowly and with full awareness, combined with breathing exercises, sensory perception, and concentration. These moving-meditation exercises are physically simple and many can be performed seated, standing, or lying down, yet they work progressively to allow you to tune into your energetic body centres and cultivate a natural and effortless sense of self-awareness in every situation and at every moment - the hallmark of Rishi Yoga. The author explores how Rishi Yoga trains us to become more receptive to all levels of being - the physical body, emotional body, and subtle body - and enables access to tissue-level awareness and cellular memory. He also looks at this dynamic meditation's rapport with traditional forms of yoga, such as Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Yoga NIdra, and with the philosophy of nonduality, Advaita Vedanta, and modern methods of mindfulness.

Once the practice of Rishi Yoga has permeated all facets of your waking life, it brings the realisation the true happiness or Enlightenment is neither a state nor an experience to attain or acquire; it is and ever-present reality to be recognised behind every thought, emotion, speech, and action - the "ultimate bliss" described by the ancient Indian scriptures.