Rejuvenate Crystal Box


Noreena Jasper - Is the self-empowerment stone, giving you the power to heal all areas of your-self and your-life.

Rose Quartz Angel Aura - Is a stone of supreme love, love giving you the ability to send love when needed, and allowing for magic to enter your life.

Hypersthene - Calms, soothes and grounds, whilst having a quietening effect, shielding from external hectic-ness, providing a protective soft bubble.

Howlite - Reduces anxiety, tension, and stress, calming an overactive mind to help achieve a deep restful sleep.

Amethyst - Is extremely beneficial to the mind, counteracting mental stress, bringing clarity, and deeper understanding, assisting you in becoming more focused, and promoting self-empowerment.

Leopardskin Jasper - Is Known as the "supreme nurturer". It brings strength, vitality, and stability, providing support during times of chaos and stress.

Gift box and meaning card included.