Reason and Beyond - Darrell Morley Price


Reason and Beyond challenges the readers to take a fresh look at how they live and what they think they know so they may begin to free themselves from the shackles of the past and meet life more fully in the present just as it is. It offers a blend of poetry and prose essays covering a broad range of themes penetrating deeply to the how and why of what we think while offering an uplifting perspective that can help restore a sense of life's meaning and purpose in an age that seems to have forgotten both.

Spiritual life and its perspective, critical commentary on modern civilisation, philosophical and psychological inquiry into reason, knowledge, thinking, belief, the nature of the mind, the examination of love and fear and their critical role in human life, and the universal meaning and purpose of life itself. Each theme reappears again and again throughout the book and many questions are posed to the reader around the various themes.