Rainbow Mayanite Specimen - Raw


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Rainbow Mayanite has iridescent hues over the orange toned coating on the Quartz which is due to Hematite/Goethite inclusions within the coating. The frequency connects to all the chakras with a strong connection to the earth chakra. The high vibrational energy of Rainbow Mayanite opens, activates, and balances  all of the chakras, raising the vibration and aiding in total well-being. It stimulates shifts in energy to increase stamina, vitality and energetic. awareness that is connected to the soul. Rainbow Mayanite helps to release negative emotional patterns tha has been held in the cellular memory. It assists in slipping easily into a meditation, releasing answers to problems that need to be diligently healed.

This crystal holds the energy of the Aquarian age, is completely natural and is perfect for healers as it assists in sending and receiving information from the spiritual plane, as well as hoding the memory and lessons of the master teachers.