Precognitive Dreamwork and The Long Self - Eric Wargo


Once only the stuff of science fiction, evidence has grown that precognition - glimpses of your future in dreams and visions and being influenced subtly in waking life by what is to come - is real. Your future thoughts and feelings shape who you are now. and your present thoughts and feeling shape - or shaped - your past.

In this accessible exploration of precognition and precognitive dreamwork, Eric Wargo shows how ordinary dreamers can play the role of citizen scientists, adding to our understanding of a fascinating, virtually unexplored dimension of human psychology. He outlines a set of clear principles to guide dream-workers, each illustrated through real precognitive dream experiences. He discusses never-before-described- dream features, including time gimmicks (symbols hinting. at time distortion) and calendrical resonance (the tendency of dreams to foretell experiences exactly a year or multiple years later). He shows how precognitive manifests in other states of consciousness like lucid dreams, hypnagogia, out-of-body experiences, and sleep paralysis as well as in meditation and creativity. and drawing on psychoanalysis and neuroscience, he explores how precognition relates to memory, explaining why dreams and visions of future experiences are often distorted and what those distortions probably mean. Wargo also describes why an understanding of precognition augments Jung's theory of synchronicity by highlighting our own role in producing meaningful coincidences in our waking lives.

We are at a major turning point in science's understanding of time, casualty, and the self. We are more than who we think we are from moment to moment. We are our past, present, and future simultaneously - what Wargo calls the Long Self. When we understand this, a dream journal becomes a personal time machine, with mind-blowing discoveries in store for the traveler.