Playing Card Divination - Stephan Ball


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Develop your own path of wisdom with a simple deck of cards.

Turn a standard deck of playing cards into a colourful divinatory system filled with inspiration, adventure, insight, and advice. In Playing Card Divination, each card from ace through king represents a mythic role (hunter, lover, healer, etc) and each of the four suits give an action for that role (promise, gambit, folly, triumph). This brings a unique meaning to every combination - for example, the three of hearts becomes "healers triumph", representing gratitude, recognition, and teamwork. For each card, author Stephen Ball provides a brief imaginative story that helps you understand and remember the meaning. You will also discover examples of readings with one card, two cards, and five cards as well as tips for interpreting unexpected combinations.

This approach to reading playing cards is fresh and updated for today's reader. Whether you want to read for yourself and friends or for clients, this book shows how to discover new perspectives that support positive transformation.