Planetology - Annie Botticelli


You've heard how misunderstandings flourish during Mercury-Retrograde, and that at Full Moon time people tend to go crazy? The truth is, we're affected by the movement of all the heavenly bodies, and the planets closest to Earth have the most influence in us.

This book is your guide to rolling with the rhythms of Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Sun, and Moon. All you need is a basic knowledge of astrology and a practical system for applying it in life - and Annie Botticelli provides both. Her awesome and super accessible Astrosync system will help you align with each planet's motion through:

-Awareness - try out fun projects to work with the energy of each planet

-Strategy - plan ahead to take risks or avoid them, to start new endeavours or to build on what you have

-Techniques - use tapping, affirmations, and conscious manifesting to tune into the planets

-Remedies - let crystals, cell salt therapy, flower remedies and mineral soaks fix energetic imbalances

-Openness - free yourself through meditation and prayer to align with the flow of the universe