Pink and Green Tourmaline on Citrine Elestial Specimen - Raw


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Pink Tourmaline provides balance in brain chemistry especially when there is emotional extremes by releasing the energy of love, compassion, nurture, emotional healing, and self-love. Strongly connected to the heart, it teaches you that you must first love yourself before you can be truly loved by others, knowing the importance of the self and allowing for acceptance for all that you are. Its energy is feminine, supportive, and soft, allowing you to absorb kindness, confidence, and trust in the universe.

Green Tourmaline opens the heart centre, cleansing and detoxifying to remove any blockages, activating the area to its highest potential. It vibrates to the essence of peace, strength, happiness, and joy. 

Citrine energises every level of life, creating the path of abundance, and teaching us how to manifest prosperity, success, and all good things.