Parenting for A Happier Home - Stuart Passmore


Being a parent can be tough and there are times when you just don't have all the answers. For parents finding themselves faced with a seemingly endless spiral of conflict, poor behaviour and ineffective discipline, this is the evidence-based step-by-step parenting program you need.

The first step is to develop a strong relationship between you and your child. Once this has been established, further steps will help you to build a toolkit of effective parenting strategies. The final step shows you how to introduce a clear, easy-to-implement disci[line system that actually works. The result is a program that teaches children to take ownership of their behaviour, and that can be used in all the child's environments - at home, at school, at heir grandparents, etc. In addition, it's proven to be effective on children who have been diagnosed with behavioural disorders such as ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, or explosive and non-compliant behaviour.