Other Lives, Other Realms - Karen Joy


I'm lying in bed and Simon is holding my hand. He kisses me and I see tears in his eyes. He tells me he has no regrets. He loves me. I am beautiful to him. He is going to miss me....

Death is not the end. Other Lives, Other Realms await us. Of these, none is more miraculous than our life-between-lives. This is the realm we visit between incarnations. A realm of unconditional love. A realm of insight and guidance. A realm of hope and reconciliation. A realm where our life's purpose becomes clear.

Karen Joy and Marie Benton have guided hundreds of people through past life and life-between -lives regressions. As skilled hypnotherapists, they can take you to your life-between-lives, and bring you safely home. They offer all their clients one simple guarantee: you will get what you need. Join with Karen as she shares over fifty case studies that reveal the depth and breadth of the life-between-lives experience. But be warned: after reading this book, you too may yearn to visit other lives, and other realms.