Oracle Of Shadows And Light


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Once, we walked between the worlds. and interacted with spirit beings who shared great wisdoms and truths with us. Our connection to the truth of our own spirit, and to these sacred beings offered us protection, guidance and signs, and working together, we created divine lives of purpose, meaning, and creativity. Over time, we were told to mistrust these voices, and so we began to walk alone, often falling, becoming lost, and refusing to listen to the guidance spirit offered us, even when help was all around us. Now it is time for you to open up to all the guidance, comfort and assistance that this beautiful universe offers you. Within the Oracle of Shadows and Light, you will be greeted by honest, delightful, fascinating beings, from guardian angels to protective faeries, wise little witches and sweet ghosts. Quirky, haunting and shadowy sweet, these tell it like it is magickal messengers of shadows and light, will deliver authentic, clear and straightforward guidance to help you make decisions everyday. By connecting with these wonderful beings, you will develop your courage, your intuition, your happiness, and your belief in your own true self. Brimming with enchanted illustrations by the acclaimed artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith, The Oracle Of Shadows And Light offers you 45 cards, a guidebook, featuring messages, and clear step by step instructions on how to give accurate, powerful and very healing readings for yourself and others. Walk through the veil, and enter the magickal world of The Oracle Of Shadows And Light.