On The Wings of Prayer - Vianna and Guy Stibal


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The true life storey of a sacred union of souls.

The healing modality Theta Healing has become known all over the world for its incredible power to  help and heal people from all alls of life. While Theta Healing has touched the lives of many, few people know the beautiful love story that led to its creation. Now, for the first time, this tale of devotion and commitment can be read by all in this beautiful book.

On The Wings of Prayer is the true-life story of a sacred union of souls. The formation of a healing modality has its own considerable challenges, many of which are beyond the spectrum of common experience. The book is a journey through the joys and the heartaches that Vianna and Guy encountered, and which led them to create modes of healing for their person al growth on many levels of existence. It is a story dedicated to all those romantics who still have the courage to  believe that love can last the ages.