Notes from the Universe on Abundance cards - Mike Dooley

Do you know what's a million times better than getting to the top of the mountain? Getting there after having been lost.-The Universe. The 60 cards in this beautifully illustrated deck give Mike Dooley fans a new way to experience his signature Notes From The Universe, quirky, funny messages that remind readers to love their lives and trust their dreams. Based on Mike's essential credo that "Thoughts become things" and that we can choose the thoughts we want to realise, these cards remind us that we're responsible for our own happiness-and that it's already within reach. Launched in 1998 as a email sent out weekly to 38 addresses, Mike's Notes From The Universe has blossomed into a daily mailing to over 700,000 subscribers in 185 countries. The Notes in this deck, set off photographs of nature's own gorgeous and richly varied abundance, are brief passages designed to remind us that we could not possibly be more loved, more powerful, or more deserving of all that our hearts desire.