Nature Spirit Tarot - Jean Marie Herzel


Weaving the wisdom of the tarot with vastness and mystery of the natural world, artist Jean Marie Herzel offers this 78-card, full-colour Tarot deck of hand-painted watercolours that features the colourful language of flowers and the esoteric and symbolic images of plants, birds, insects, reptiles, and gemstones. The symbolism of each card is derived from various traditions of the worlds, including Native American, Celtic, and Eastern and Western philosophy. 

In the accompanying guidebook, each card descriptions opens with the the traditional tarot meaning of the card, followed by a detailed explanation of the symbolic meaning of the specific plants and animals the card features. The book explains the connection between each life form shown and the card's tarot archetype, further illuminating the meaning of the card and how it relates to the natural world, personal development, and the journey of the soul - revealing a new vision of both the surrounding world and the unexplored territory within.