Mind Over Medicine - Lissa Rankin, M.D


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Mind Over Medicine has long been a guiding light for anyone who's on a healing journey from illness, injury, or trauma - or helping someone else navigate such a path. Now the classic, trusted resource has been revised and updated with up-to-the-minute scientific and spiritual insight from Dr Lissa Rankin's  ongoing exploration of the body's innate ability to self-repair - and how we can influence these self-healing mechanisms with the power of our own consciousness. 

Inside you'll discover:

-A thorough update of Dr Rankin's signature six steps to healing yourself

-New insight into how unresolved trauma can stand in the way of healing from chronic an d life-threatening illnesses - and powerful tools you can use to address it

-How to tune into your inner pilot light for intuitive guidance in your healing

-Tools to listen to your body and assess every area of your life - relational, psychological, creative, environmental, professional - to understand what you need to pave the way or radical healing