Mind Detox - Sandy Newbigging


Stop treating symptoms and heal the hidden cause.

Do you suffer from chronic physical or emotional conditions? Feel stuck with re-occurring patterns in your life? Don't know why you react the way you do and can't seem to stop? miuch of our chronic conditions, repetitive behaviours, and emotional problems can be traced to past events and unhealthy beliefs hidden in the unconscious. Mind Detox reveals a remarkable method for quickly and easily discovering and resolving the unconscious mental toxicity that is causing countless problems. If something bad is happening in your body or life and you don't know why, this method can help. In his guide, Sandy shares his newest insight from Mind Detox, along with many never-shared-before personal stories of how he has applied his method in his own life to heal the hidden causes of anxiety, an eating disorder, insomnia, relationship issues, and to improve his personal impact and success. Sandy's simple 5 step system proves that by making peace with your past, your body becomes more able to heal. And by clearing toxic beliefs you are empowered to use your newly cleansed mind to achieve brilliant success in all areas of life.

The best news is it's easier than you think. It doesn't take years of therapy but can provide changes in the time it takes to read the book and use the method a few times. People from around the world have seen skin conditions clear up, chronic pain vanish, and digestive disorders disappear, along with experiencing heightened levels of happiness, wealth, and well-being. Give it a try - the results speak for themselves!