Manifesting With The Angels - Charles Virtue


We may think we know what we want - but will what we think we want actually bring us happiness? Divine guidance reveals that true joy and lasting, sustainable inner peace comes from living a life of purpose.

In this book, Charles Virtue offers you the tools and techniques you need to communicate with heaven and align with your divinely guided path to happiness and fulfilment. You'll learn how to:

-Elevate your thoughts, energy, and emotions to the vibration of heaven

-Use you God-given power of manifestation to attract benefits, not obstacles

-Work with divine timing and the power of prayer

-Harness your inner passion with Archangel Nathaniel

-Lift fears and zero in on your life purpose with Archangel Michael-Heal from past pain and clear blocks with Archangel Raphael

As Charles points out, "Guidance towards happiness has always been accessible to each of us - we just have to learn to listen - I have never met a person who could not connect to the angels - and I have never witnessed a moment when the angels have refused to work with a human."

Think about waking up in the morning and knowing exactly why you are alive. That is heaven's promise to you as you master the art of manifesting with the angels. So, open this book - and the door to your dreams.