Malachite and Chrysocolla Ring - 925 Silver


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Malachite may assist with:

-Opening the heart to unconditional love

-Risk-taking towards change

-Breaking unwanted ties and outworn patterns

-Responsibility and accountability towards your own actions, thoughts, and feelings

-Releasing karmic ties from past lives


-Heart and throat chakra connection

-Understanding love and relationships

-Creating a cloak of invisibility


Chrysocolla may assist with:

-Tranquility and peace



-Unconditional love

-Quiet strength and purification

-Drawing out guilt

-Healing heartache

-Increasing your capacity to love

-Communication through compassion and empathy

-Understanding the energy of words

-Bringing your system into alignment with spirit

-Thyroid issues

-Healing of health issues that may b e associated with the chakras

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