Magickal Spellcards - Lucy Cavendish


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These spells are enchanted loving exercises, sacred prayers in action to guide and support, and activate your innate magickal powers. The result can be a more authentic, prosperous, and blissful life. Respected witch and international best selling author Lucy Cavendish has cast and crafted magickal spells for over 30 years. This tried and tested collection will support you in: attracting a soulmate, enhancing intuition, creating abundance, improving health, letting go gracefully, enjoying career success, and manifesting loving friendships. Each spell is sacred and purposeful, harnessing the energy of love and light, always for the highest good of all and of our planet. Allow these life changing spells to bring love and healing magick into your life, as well as the lives of those you love. Includes 45 Magickal Spellcards and an in depth, easy to understand guidebook on spellcasting, moon phasers, magickal correspondences and fascinating background information for each spell.