Love You - Lorna Jane Clarkson


So many of us fill our days with endless busy-ness, but often fail to stop and think about where we are going and what we want to achieve. We're told to find our passion, to be fearless and follow our dreams, but we get so caught up in our everyday routines and obligations that our lives become stagnant and a little disappointing. Well, not anymore!

This book is here to show you what it takes to actually move forward and achieve success in your life, why you need to step out of your comfort zone and make change, and that it's perfectly ok for people to dislike you or think that you're crazy.

Inside, you will find the daily rituals that have carried me through my most difficult times. You will learn the importance of taking care of your health both physically and mentally. And discover that anything is truly possible when you make the commitment to LOVE and believe in yourself, every single day.

It will show you that nothing worthwhile is easy. Building something important takes time. And that without passion, you'll never begin. Without courage, you will falter. And without drive and determination, you'll never finish.

By sharing the real stories of my personal journey, I hope to inspire and encourage you to follow YOUR dreams and live YOUR LIFE at 100%.