Life Among The Dead - Lisa Williams


When Lisa Williams was four years old, she discovered she had a gift: communicating with this who are no longer with us. Lisa told her parents about the spirits in her bedroom, but they just thought she had a vivd imagination.

"There were nights when I would lie in bed scared, begging the uninvited visitors to leave me alone. I'd bury my head under the covers, thinking they would go away if I couldn't see them. And other nights I'd shout at them, Go Away! This is my room! I don't like you!" - Lisa Williams

Since those first experiences Lisa has seen and communicated with thousands of people who have passed over, listening to their stories and delivering messages of comfort to the loved ones they left behind. 

This extraordinary book tells the inspirational story of Lisa's life - from her childhood as the granddaughter of a renowned psychic, who encouraged her to respect and nurture her talent, to her development into one of the world's most accurate, respected, and popular mediums.

In her down-to-earth, compassionate style, Lisa reveals exactly what it's like to live surrounded by spirits every day, and describes her understanding of spiritual phenomena, hauntings, psychic healing and the afterlife