Inspired Destiny - Dr Jon F. Demartini


Based on a program originally developed for young people seeking direction in their lives, Dr John Demartini's Inspired Destiny has deep meaning for readers of all ages. Whether you're a young adult or simply young at heart, this book will help you uncover your purpose and lead a more fulfilling life.

The thought-provoking exercises, challenging action steps, and powerful affirmations. will teach you how to:

-Clarify what you would love to dedicate your life to

-Clearly communicate your vision to others

-Make money doing what you love

-Dissolve the emotions that can distract you from your purpose

-Develop a master plan to create the life you would truly love - not what someone else thinks it should be 

You'll come away from this book with an immense vision of yourself and your potential, understanding which qualities make up an authentic leader and knowing that you can be an inspiring example to others simply by honouring who you are and doing what you love. You'll set in motion a far-reaching ripple effect, beginning your journey toward a magnificent, inspiring life.