Healing Sounds for ADHD - Dick de Ruiter and Danny Becher


Soothing sounds for children with ADHD.

Various new methods have been developed that offer structure and guidelines for both educators and children in order to turn ADHD from a frustrating problem into a fascinating challenge. In this practical and informative guidebook, Dick de Ruiter answers questions such as:

-What is ADHD?

-How can one recognise ADHD?

-What does ADHD mean for the child, the parents, and the rest of the family, coaches, teachers, and schools?

-How may the environment, education, and food affect ADHD?

-What are the therapeutic options?

-Are there, apart from regular medications, other valid methods to aid the ADHD child?

Furthermore, he explains how special sounds and music may be used to help while coaching the ADHD child, showing how sound can become an accessible therapeutic tool.

The CD includes with the book has sounds of singing bowls, gongs, and other ancient instruments - as well as voice singing harmonic overtones - which are known to have a special, harmonising effect on the body and mind. The compositions have been especially designed to accompany therapies, communicative trainings, or relaxation exercises, but they can also be used at home to surround the child in a warm  and comforting sound bath. Several tracks have neurosonic effects, which especially for ADHD children have a very direct and soothing effect. Once they have learned what this feels like, they will be motivated to listen regularly to the CD. In doing so, they will have a very pleasant and easy-to-use method at hand, to feel better and relaxed.