Ghosts of Atlantis - J. Douglas Kenyon

Investigating the prennial myth of a forgotten fountainhead of civilisation, J. Douglas Kenyon presents extensive physical and spiritual evidence of a lost great culture, the collective amnesia that wiped it from the planetary memory, and the countless ways ancient catastrophes still haunt modern civilisation. He explores evidence of advanced ancient technology, anomalous ancient maps, extraterrestrial influence , time travel, crystal science, an d the true age of the Sphinx. He examines evidence of Atlantis in the Bible and ancient Armageddon, the stone age high-tech found at Gobekli Tepe, the truth of Easter Island, the Zep Tepi monuments of Egypt, the mysteries of the Gulf of Cambay, and what lies beneath the ice of Antartica.He looks a \t extinction events, Earth's connection with Mars, and how our DNA reveals that humanity has had enough time to evolve civilisation and lose it more than once. Drawing upon Velikovsky's notion of a species-wide amnesia caused by the trauma of losing an entire civilisation, he explains how the virtual ruins of a lost history are buried deep in our collective unconscious, constantly tugging at our awareness. As Kenyon reveals, by overcoming "The Great Forgetting," humanity can find its way out of the haunted labyrinth in which we find our-selves lost today an d rtediscover the heights of spiritual and technological advancement of our ancient ancestors.