Free Your Fascia - Dr. Daniel Fenster


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At the #1 pain management clinic in New York City, director Dr. Daniel Fenster has changed thousands of lives for the better through a holistic approach and integrative therapies. His experience has revealed to him that treating the fascia - your long ignored, unappreciated, 'hidden organ', that weaves around and through every single structure in your body - is crucial for both physical and mental health. Within these pages, Dr Fenster will reveal all you need to know about fascia, including:

-The 8 'villians' that hurt you r fascia and how to combat them

-A 'free your fascia' quiz to assess what therapies are right for you

-20 recipes to nourish your fascia with the nutrients it needs

-Simple, at-home exercises and do-it yourself therapies for releasing and optimising your fascia

-Advice for working with professionals and the most powerful tools in facial manipulation

-Exclusive to this book: interviews between Dr. Fenster and 10 of the leading-edge fascia researchers and experts.

By 'freeing you fascia', you'll feel stronger, healthier, and happier from head to toe!