Edgar Cayce on Vibrations - Kevin J. Todeschi


In spite of how the physical world may appear, science has discovered that all matter is composed of vibrating atoms! Our five senses uses vibrations to receive and understand our world. We project and perceive good and bad vibrations in relationships with others and even the vibes of pets, places, things, and the weather.

The famous mystical seer Edgar Cayce taught that vibrations affect our minds and bodies. Every location on the planet has its own unique vibration. All of life in every dimension is the vibration of one force! Of course, the one force is vibrating at different rates and is therefore perceived in different ways.

Todeschi has written a nw vision into the power and influence of vibrations in our lives and relation ships. In this fascinating book he explores how everything is vibration. He examines how we continue to create and shape those vibrations! We learn how vibrations are impacting us and the world around us. Ultimately, Todeschi explains how all vibration is essentially spirit in motion.