Edgar Cayce on The Spiritual Forces Within You - John Van Auken


Sometimes it may seem that life is a lot of work. We may find ourselves struggling to keep our heads above water as we flow down the river of life to wherever it takes us. But it doesn't have to be this way. According to wisdom from the Edgar Cayce readings - as well as many other sources of guidance and understanding - we have within us the power to take hold of our spiritual life forces and guide them toward that which we seek to live and become.

Bestselling author and Cayce expert John Van Auken shares his knowledge and expertise with us, teaching us to connect with and explore the eternal part of ourselves - our spiritual nature, our essence - that part of us that lives on long after our earthly body dies; that part of us that was alive long before we entered into our earthly incarnation.

Our spiritual life force is intimately and ultimately connected to all of life, all of time, and all of space - a part of ourselves that this is our true self and is naturally in touch with the infinite and eternal. What power over our lives can we wield when in touch with the infinite? A broader awareness, a healthier vitality, a purpose, and a meaningfulness.

The life force is within us, within our spirit and mind, and this book gives us a view into how to fully awaken and enjoy it. As we gain some understanding of what the spiritual forces within us are, and how we can use them to better our lives, our true purpose is revealed.