Edgar Cayce on The Mysterious Essenes - John Van Auken and Ruben Miller PhD


One if the most fascinating topics found in the readings of famed psychic Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) revealed the existence of a sacred sect called the Essenes. His information about the Essenes would later be confirmed by the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls two years after his death.

Cayce's readings contained more than a description of who the Essenes were and their purpose in bringing the Christ into the earth, he gave us details about their lives and past lives! Many of these Essenes reincarnated during Cayce's time and received readings that revealed their souls - including their purposes then and now.

You'll met Judy, the Essene teacher of young Jesus. Learn how and what she taught Jesus as a young boy. Discover how the Essenes first began in ancient times and eventually developed their temple at famous Mt. Carmel and utilised the Qumran caves along the Dead Sea. Learn about the secret wing of their community that infiltrated Herod's court in order to keep tabs on this brutal ruler, who attempted to kill baby Jesus by killing all the male babies under the age of two!

The mysterious Essenes: Their lessons are our lessons

What can we learn from these readings and the reincarnation of the Essenes? There is so much about our origin, our soul group, and the purpose for which we are here on earth today. in this latest book that it is like having a manual for soul growth. Ideals, practices, and guiding principles held by these ancient ones are as valuable to us today as they were then. How the Essenes dealt with the politics and powers then can help us deal with the politics and powers of today - in both our personal life and world events.