Edgar Cayce Guide to Gemstones, Minerals, Metals, and More - Shelley Kaehr PhD


In this latest book, Shelly Kaehr PhD, brings us rare and fascinating insights into the physical and metaphysical characteristics of gems, stones, minerals, metals, and elements. She reveals the unique vibrations of each, the science and history behind them, and the myths that have surrounded them since ancient times. She explains how they react differently to different people, and how many engage in a process of self-discovery and intuitive insight to find the best gems to have near you-or to avoid. There are guidelines to help you select the correct vibration for you.

Dr Kaehr presents the latest knowledge about energy medicine and the role  of minerals and metals in healing. She explains the fundamentals of vibrational healing and how gems and elements have helped humanity throughout the centuries.

Stones of the Bible, of lost civilisations, those with known healing properties, and those with magical qualities are all included. Dr Kaehr presents enchanting information about how gems, stones, minerals, metals, and elements affect auras and chakras, and resonate with the electrochemical vibrations of the human body. She explains the influence of colour and light and how a crystal prism separates light into its seven rays, reflected in the colour of each stone.

The famous intuitive, Edgar Cayce, gave many discourses on the benefits of gems and stones in our lives. Dr Kaehr has carefully included these in her easy-to-read yet scientific and historic collection of intriguing information.