Dreaming The Soul Back Home - Robert Moss


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In this extraordinary book, shamanic dream teacher Robert Moss shows us how to become shamans of our own souls and healers of our own lives.

The greatest contribution of the ancient shamans to modern healing is the understanding that in the course of any life we are liable to suffer and soul loss - the loss of parts of our vital energy and identity - and that in order to be whole and well, we must find the means of soul recovery. Moss teachers us that our dreams give us maps we can use to travel to the places where we can find and bring home our lost or stolen soul parts. He shows us how to recover our animal spirits and ride the windhorse of spirit to places of healing and adventure in the larger reality. We discover how we can heal ancestral wounds and open the way for cultural soul recovery.

You'll learn how to enter past lives, future lives, and the life experiences of parallel selves and how to bring back lessons and gifts. It's not just keeping your soul in the body, Moss writes. It's about growing soul, becoming more than we ever were before, embodying more of the Greater Self. With fierce joy, he incites us to take the creator's leap and bring something new into this world.