Dream Patterns - Johnson Miller


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Dream Patterns teaches us to identify the significant, meaningful patterns in our dreams and how to use that knowledge to make changes in our waking lives. Almost every book on dream interpretation emphasises the interpretation of individual elements of individual dreams. But dreams contain much imagery that is not meaningful or interpretable. Dream Patterns shows to break through the noise created by physical sensations, events of the previous day, intrusions of conscious thinking, and other stimuli to reveal repeating imagery and themes that reflect unrecognised patterns in our waking lives. Awareness of these patterns liberates us from them and empowers us to live our life more skilfully.

Dream Patterns is for dreamers of all skill levels, from people who rarely recall and have never before studied their dreams to people who have spent years studying their dreams and who want to get more out of them. You will learn to recall, record, and analyse your dreams, and then how to apply the lessons of those dreams to your waking life.

While Dream Patterns emphasises long-term patterns and expresses scepticism about the value of most individual dreams, it does teach readers to recognise and benefit from those few dreams that really are significant in isolation. Such dream include "big dream" that reflect major life and spiritual changes.