Divine Wisdom - Lisa Williams


Life continually presents us with the need for answers, which is why people seek out psychics and mediums. But often this desire for guidance is immediate and getting through the day can be overwhelming, especially when experiencing loss and where healing is needed.

Sitting alone with our thoughts can send us into a spiral of despair, particularly if we don't know where or how to find peace. In our search for hope we can overthink. We do our best to connect with spirit but our intuition falters and we become lost. 

This where Divine Wisdom can assist. After first re-centering the body by simply counting our breaths, I suggest you open this book to a page that you are guided to and read the passage. Allow it to sink in, and then read it again. It is here, in the Masters messages, that you will find the answers you need. 

You may wish to read a passage for daily inspiration or read Divine Wisdom in its entirety.

Trust in yourself and allow the knowledge of the Divine Wisdom to penetrate your soul.