Dawn of The Akashic Age - Ervin Laszlo and Kingsley L. Dennis


The world is changing. The transition from the mechanistic worldview to one that recognises the interconnectedness of all life is upon us. It is the drawing  of the Akashic Age. The Akashic field that connects the universe is now recognised by cutting-edge science. What we know about communication, energy, and consciousness is rapidly evolving in tandem with the new quantum worldwide. Many adults are consciously evolving to meet the transitional challenges at hand, while today's youth have arrived already hard-wired with the new consciousness. Rising from the ashes of the old systems, this phoenix generation of radical change agents is seeding our evolution and spiritual transformation, a process that will continue over the next few decades.

Authorfe Ervin Laszlo and Kingsley Dennis look at the chief engine of the coming changes - the growing global understanding of n on locality - and the development of practical applications for it. They examine how the new values and new consciousness taking hold will reorganise society from top-down hierarchies into grassroots networks like those revealed through quantum physics' understanding of energy and information waves and experienced daily by millions through social media.

With contributions from visionary thinkers such as futurist John L. Petersen, Sanyo ex-CEO Tomoya Nonnaka, media activist Duane Elgin, systems scientist Alexander Laszlo, and spiritual economist Charles Einstein, this book explores the future of edu cation, spirituality, the media, economics, food and planetary citizenship as well as the expansion of consciousness necessary to reach that future.