Crystal Wands - Ewald Kliegel


The healing power of crystals and gemstones were known by the greeks two millennia ago and described in detail by the mystic Hildegard von Bingen more than eight hundred years ago. In this full-colour illustrated guide, Ewald Kliegel explains the benefits of incorporating crystal wands into your body-work and healing practice and details the techniques of doing so. Exploring the energetics of crystals and their interactions with the physical and energy bodies, the author explains how the versatile shape of a crystal wand amplifies the crystals energetic effects and offers advantages in massage and reflexology over other shapes of crystals and stones. The larger rounded end can act as a crystal sphere for massaging knots or large areas, whereas the tapered end is ideal for stimulating reflex zones, targeting acupressure points, and tracing meridian lines.

Starting with the foundational set of three wands to begin your toolkit - rock crystal, red jasper, and aventurine - the author examines the healing properties  and indications for more than 70 crystal wands. He shows how easily available amethyst relaxes the muscle tension, benefits the lungs, nerves and skin; aids digestion; helps dissolve blockages and addictive behaviour; and combats fatigue. He explains how crystal wands can be divided into 3 energetic categories: neutral, stimulating, or balancing. He includes step-by-step instructions for incorporating crystal wands into massage and bodywork; for their use in energy medicine, specifically for chakra balance; and for using crystal wands for protection, power, and relaxation. He also explores the use of crystal-infused oils and balms to increase the healing effects of massage.

This practical guide reveals not only the many healing applications of crystal wands but also the sheer beauty of these powerful energetic tools.