Crystal Oversoul Cards - Michael Eastwood


Highly revered within the temples of Lemuria, the crystal kingdom holds keys to accelerate our awakening process. These 66 stunning crystal mandalas help you to attune and communicate with the energies of the ancient Crystal Over-souls. Each card depicts a photographic mandala featuring a different crystal that conveys messages directly into the consciousness of the viewer. The meaning of each crystal, including its spiritual and metaphysical properties, its association to scents, and its connections to individual chakras, is explained in the accompanying guidebook. For each Over-soul you find an attunement - a meditation or visualisation - to immerse you in the higher energies of the Over-souls and the crystal kingdom. The book also provides access to 22 downloadable audio meditations. 

As we awaken to who we are, we start to see with a much wider awareness, using sensory chakras and layers of our energy bodies, dormant for thousands of years. The Crystal Over-souls allows you to actively engage with the cosmos in ways that offer hope and transformation.