Chicken Soup for The Soul - Hope and Miracles - Amy Newmark and Natasha Stoynoff


These 101 miraculous stories of hope, faith, divine intervention and answered prayers will amaze you.

Good things do happen to good people! You will be encouraged and uplifted as you read these stories about powerful hope, miraculous healing, divine intervention, messages from heaven, answered prayers and beating the odds, including:

-The mother of a Sandy Hook shooting victim who prayed for a sign that her son Jesse was okay and minutes later saw "Jesse and Jesus" written in the sky.

-The businessman turned pastor who didn't believe in miracles until he laid hands on a paralysed man who then walked into his office a few weeks later.

-The brother and sister who were reunited in Australia 75 years after they were separated at a British orphanage during World War II.

-The grieving daughter who fondly recalled her mom's appearance on Let's Make A Deal, went to the show, got picked up from the audience, and won a new car.

-The woman who's mothers voice forced her off a bench seconds before a tree fell on it, on the one-year anniversary of her mom's death.

-And 96 more stories that will make you say "Wow!"