Change Your Genes Change Your Life - Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier

Biology is no longer destiny. Our DNA doesn't rigidly determine our heath and disease prospects, as the previous generation of geneticists believed. According to the new science of epigenetics, our genes are shaped by what we think and what we do. An endless supply of new studies is showing that the vast majority of our genes are fluid and dynamic. Our genetic profile may signal an inherited vulnerability to a disease, but those genes cannot predict your future. Instead, our daily choices and lifestyle behaviours determine whether these vulnerable genes will be switched on or switched off. And that means our actions have a direct and powerful effect on our genes, changing their expression so that we can achieve optimal health. This succinct but profound book by a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine introduces you to this exciting new field and reveals how each of us has a profound ability to influence our genes for the better.