Chakra Frequencies - Jonathan Goldmann and Andi Goldmann


As both ancient spiritual masters and modern quantum physicists acknowledge, the universe is vibration. Through sound and its ability to communicate with our chakras and subtle body, we can tap into the vibration of the universe for greater harmony and stronger relationships; physical, emotional and spiritual healing; expanded consciousness; and planetary oneness.

In this step-by-step guide, sound-healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman and his wife, holistic psychotherapist Andi Goldman, reveal specific ways the voice can resonate the physical and subtle bodies, including 7 sacred vowel sounds and 7 powerful bija mantras that can balance and align the chakras. Providing exercises using breath, tone, mantras, and seed sounds, the authors show you how to practice sound healing both individually and with a partner to strengthen relationships, reach deeper emotional levels, enhance communication, reduce stress, achieve inner balance, and create harmony with those around you as well as the whole planet. The accompanying 60-minute CD offers correct pronunciation and examples of the bija mantras, sacred vowels, seed sounds, and vocal exercises in the book as well as the recordings of Pythagorean tuning forks, crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, and Tibetan bells, providing the perfect backdrop for beginning a personal or partnered healing sound practice.