Bridge Between Worlds - Dan Millman and Doug Childers


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A decade before Dan Millman wrote his spiritual classic Way of The Peaceful Warrior, a motorcycle crash ended his olympic dreams. Some years later, two thugs, one armed with a metal pipe, closed in to attack a young writer named Doug Childers. These two young men had no notion that they would one day meet, become friends,. and draw upon their experiences to create a collection of inspiring stories about people whose lives were changed by extraordinary events.

Each story in this newly revised volume (formerly titled Divine Interventions) describes a unique journey across a metaphysical bridge to a higher reality. These stirring accounts of the lives of the ordinary people as well as iconic figures, past and present, will awaken in readers a renewed faith in the mysterious possibilities hidden in daily life.

These stories invite believers and skeptics alike to consider the well-documented phenomena that challenge conventional assumptions about reality. They point to a dimension of transcendent possibility awaiting us - across the Bridge Between Worlds.