Awakening to The Secret Code of Your Mind - Dr Darren R. Weissman


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What if you could, like a diamond forged through heat and pressure, transform every painful, scary, and stressful experience in your life into one that is meaningful, courageous, and inspiring? What if you were provided with the tools that allow you t tap into and manifest the true power that exists within you - the power to shine? Are you ready to discover your path to inner peace?

In this fascinating book, Dr Darren Weissman reveals a way to interpret and transform symptoms, stress, and disease through ancient spiritual wisdom fused with a modern-day understanding of the sub-conscious mind. You will learn how to use the Lifeline Technique - a blueprint and road map of your subconscious. mind to awaken your infinite potential for healing and wholeness - and will share the experiences of scores of people whose lives have forever changed as a result. Conscious visionaries have pronounced throughout history that the road to peace is paved with the power of love. Darren's book provides the steps you can use to learn to walk that path. Your heart's desire and soul's purpose is speaking to you right now....are you listening?