Astrology's Higher Octaves - Greg Bogart Ph.D


This book illustrates the power of astrology to facilitate emotional healing, to aid the life of couples and families, to guide the development of careers, to promote focus and intention in daily life. It combines therapeutic astrology, the astrological study of relationships, vocational astrology, archetypal astrology, dreamwork, and the synthesis of astrology and music. Through detailed examples, readers learn to refine their interpretive skills and to practice astrology as a vital catalyst for both inner work and outer works, a way to achieve integration.

Influenced by Jung's interests in astrology and dream analysis, the author presents a potent techniques combining astrology and dreams, where awareness of parallels and synchronicities between dream imagery and planetary symbolism amplifies the truthful messages both convey, showing clear steps forward for transformation at crucial transitions. He illustrates how vocational astrology, informed by career counselling theory, helps us choose optimal occupational paths and fosters strategic timing and steady accomplishment in the realm of work. Readers also learn the method of diurnal astrology, which enhancers the enjoyment of daily tasks and activities, sharpens our sense of purpose, and aids effective time management.