Astrology for The Soul - Jan Spiller


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Astrologer Jan Spiller shows you the key to discovering your hidden talents, your deepest desires, and the ways you can avoid negative influences that may distract you from achieving your true life purpose, as revealed in your chart by the position of the North Node of the Moon. With insight and depth impossible to gain from the commonly known sun-sign profiles, the enlightening self-portrait offered by the Nodes of the Moon can explain your life lessons and how to achieve the fulfilment and peace you desire. Jan Spiller shows you how to locate the all-important North Node of the Moon in your astrological chart and provides a detailed interpretation of its influence and practical exercises to help you learn about:

-THE SPECIAL TALENT that is waiting for you, a unique gift that could easily be turned into professional success

-THE SELF DEFEATING TENDENCIES in your personality that can hold you back from achieving your true life purpose

-THE RELATIONSHIP strategies that can bring you lasting fulfilment - and the behaviours that can alienate your loved ones

-THE TRAP or temptation from a past life that can lead to disaster if you don't learn to recognise and avoid it

-THE HEALING AFFIRMATIONS designed to help you release your positive energy and strengthen the qualities that can bring you true happiness