Archangel Fire Oracle - Alexandra Wenman


Archangel Fire Oracle is an interactive alchemical healing deck that has been channeled to assist in global awakening. The oracle takes you on a transformational journey through the sacred flames and colours of the Diamond Rainbow Spectrum.

Each card guides you through the Diamond Fire Alchemy process to enable you to embody the gifts and qualities of an Archangel. The goal is to "Become The Angel" - to live as the most divine aspect of yourself, so you may align to your soul purpose, create your version of Heaven on Earth, and achieve enlightenment within daily life. 

The 40 Archangels, arranged in 17 suits, are also associated with specific chakras, crystals, essential oils, magical sigils, and star systems. Working with these sacred keys initiates a powerful alchemical process within you, which heightens your senses enhancing your own connection to the angelic realms. 

So take a deep breath and step on the rainbow bridge. Heaven awaits....