Aphrodisiac - Kimberely Gallagher


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Plants are great healers of the earth, and their capacity to support healthy sexuality is just as powerful. this beautifully written and illustrated book brings you into a relationship with herbs for sexual fulfilment and empowerment.In Aphrodisiac, Kimberely Gallagher guides you on a personal journey of growth aided by the aphrodisiac properties and sensual uses of healing herbs and flowers such as damiana, cacao, and rose. You'll find thoughtful. soulful rituals and dozens of recipes for putting the herbs to use, such as Autumn Blush Cordial, Rose Massage Oil, and Cardamon Chocolate Mousse Torte. And you'll learn a wide range of practices for inviting erotic energy flow into your life - including creating an inviting environment, nourishing your body, and simply slowing down so there's time to savour pleasure. 

When we are sensually alive and sexually fulfilled, we are more confident, creative, and joyful. Aphrodisiac is an essential resource for anyone wishing to live a more vibrant life.