Anxiety and Depression - Dr Cheryl Rezek


Mixed anxiety and depression is the most common mental health issue in Britain, affecting one in four people at some time in their lives. This book combines the principles of mindfulness with research from the field of clinical psychology to help you examine your life and your emotions in a thoughtful way. It offers guided meditations and other practices to aid you in balancing and controlling your emotions. Sheldon Anxiety: Anxiety and Depression also presents evidence to suggest that in some cases mindfulness and psychological input can be as effective as medication in combating anxiety and depression. 

Topiocs include:

-anxiety and depression in context

-how depression presents differently in women and in men

-interpreting symptoms

-the stress response

-how a mindful approach can help

-the effects of mindfulness on the brain

-how to practice and nurture mindful skills

-the importance of breathing and posture

-taking responsibility for your life

Given the constant demands of modern life, Dr Cheryl Rezek says that you don't need a diagnosis of anxiety or depression to benefit from the advice in this timely and practical book. Take back your life!