Animal Magick - D.J. Conway


Receive, direction, inspiration, and healing when you invoke a favourite animal's natural powers! Animal Magick shows you how to access the spiritual powers of familiars - real or imagined animals - for personal enrichment. You don't need a pet to have a familiar. Whether you collect glass animals, dream about snakes, or "talk" with an animal already, you can further develop this connection for startling magickal results. Animal Magick gives you practical meditations, rituals, and power chants for enticing, befriending, understanding, and using the magick of familiars.

-Learn the two ways to attract a familiar

-Explore the various kinds of familiars and find which works best with you

-Follow you familiar into Otherworld realms, to new sources of information and understanding

_Explore the spiritual aspect of animals with the first book to present familiars from a European Pagan viewpoint

-Connect with your familiar through chants, rituals, and meditations

-Increase your magickal powers with the presence of your familiar

-Listen to a familiar for inspiration

-Discover your own shamanic path

-Empower rituals and divination

-Gain powerful vision through shapeshifting

-Recognise the protective behaviour of your familiar

-Take comfort in a friend for life

If you ever felt messages or communication from an animal, you can strengthen those tenuous ties for extraordinary spiritual growth in the European Pagan tradition. Animal Magick shows you how.