Advanced Tarot - Paul Fenton-Smith


This in depth study of the tarot explores the symbolism, meanings and interpretation of all 78 cards of the tarot alongside anecdotes and insights drawn from decades of reading and teaching experience.

Enhance your knowledge of traditional meanings with intuitive impressions for clear, supportive and insightful readings. Understand the reading process, word questions for more accurate readings and answer YES/NO questions with confidence.

This comprehensive 556 page exploration of the tarot includes tips on reading under pressure, setting boundaries, distant readings and cleansing between clients.

-upright and reversed meanings for general, career, relationship and health questions for every single card

-essential questions menu

-range of go to layouts

-sample interpretations

-quick reference charts and correspondences

-full colour images from the Rider Waite Tarot

A one stop resource for tarot newbies and those wanting to take their readings to a professional level.