Activated Charcoal for Health - Britt Brandon CFNS, CPT


Activated charcoal - a medical-grade powder most commonly made from coconut shells - has endless health and beauty benefits. In Activated Charcoal for Health, you'll discover everything this all-natural powder can do - from combating chronic diseases to providing relief for common ailments.

With is anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties, activated charcoal can be used for many things, such as:

-Clearing up acne

-Disinfecting wounds

-Providing a digestive cleanse 

-Helping to prevent hangovers

-Treating bad breath and body odour

It's even great for whitening teeth, balancing oily skin, exfoliating, and cleansing hair. With this helpful guide, you'll learn how to incorporate activated charcoal into your daily life and reap it's benefits - without the use of dangerous chemicals or costly procedures.